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Christopher Sewell

Level Designer Portfolio

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Myself and Experience

Passionate and aspiring level designer focusing on Unreal Engine with a desire to create fantastic levels with fun gameplay. I formerly worked with Interceptor Entertainment now known as Slipgate Studios as a QA Analyst on Bombshell and Rad Rodgers and continue to enhance my level design skills on personal projects. I am looking to get my first professional entry level position as a level designer. 


Greyboxing/blocking out levels

Set dressing level environments

Lighting level environments

Designing levels to fit the narrative

Blueprints & scripting​

Gameplay balancing

Testing and optimisation 

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The below image highlights my level design workflow.

Level Design Workflow_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
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Games and Projects


Bombshell - QA Analyst - Interceptor Entertainment - Unreal Engine 3

Professional Project

Rad Rodgers - Slipgate Studios - QA Analyst - Unreal Engine 4

Professional Project

Water Temple - Level Designer - Unreal Engine 4 

Personal Project


Triad Base - Rise of the Triad 2013 Community Map - Level Designer -  Unreal Engine 3

Personal Project

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Project - Level Designer - Unreal Engine 4

Personal Project

Western Town - Level Designer - Unreal Engine 5

Personal Project

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Home: Welcome
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